Will Jazz Hands Persuade Fresh Grocer to De-shelve Israeli Hummus?

WHAT: Philly BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), a new coalition working to end Israeli Apartheid, surprised store shoppers and employees at the Fresh Grocer with a choreographed flash dance Sunday.
Performers sang their message to stop buying and stop selling Sabra and Tribe hummus products because of their connection to human rights abuses of Palestinians.

See the Flash Dance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6dO9eVOY2I

WHY: Sabra & Tribe products subsidize Israeli human rights abuses through their support of the Israeli Defense Forces and infrastructure of the occupation, respectively.

“As a customer and a Jew, I hope that Fresh Grocer will heed the concerns of it’s community members and consider ceasing to distribute these products. Not only would this a be a huge step toward supporting the human rights of Palestinians and working for a more just and peaceful Middle East, it would also serve to educate the community about the power of our consumer choices,” says Hannah Schwarzschild, a member of Philly BDS.

“This campaign marks a new and exciting era of Philadelphia’s involvement in the growing global BDS movement, which is building strong support amongst labor unions, NGOs, religious organizations,
universities, grocery stores, and individuals worldwide,” says Mendal Polish, another member of Philly BDS.

WHO: Philly BDS is creative partnership, including Muslim, Jewish, and Christian, and Arab organizations working to stand up for human rights in Israel/Palestine.


* Share the video with your networks! Make it go viral!

* Tell your friends to stop buying Sabra and Tribe products and buy local!

* Endorse this campaign as organizations or individuals (see http://www.phillybds.org to endorse)

* Bring this campaign to your community (see http://www.phillybds.org for Toolkit)

Philadelphia Jews for a Just Peace; SUSTAIN!: Stop U.S. Tax Aid to Israel Now!; Adalah-NY: The New York Coalition for the Boycott of Israel; Al Quds Day Organizing Committee; Brandywine Peace Community; Build Bridges Not Walls: Grandparents for Peace in the Middle East; Catholic Worker Philadelphia Chapter; Global Women’s Strike-Philadelphia; Hudson Valley BDS; Ilm Institute, Ink Paper Mosaic, Jews Say No!; Lancaster Avenue Autonomous Space; Middle East Crisis Response; Network of Arab-American Professionals in Philadelphia; Nico Amador, Training for Change; Oppression.org; Payday Men’s Network; Temple Students for Justice in Palestine; Whites in Anti-Racist Solidarity; and Working Group for a Grassroots Movement.

Philly BDS: “No Justice, No Chickpeas”