–I originally wrote this to Robin via email, so I didn’t do much research did minimal editing, I’m just throwing it up since she encouraged me to–

I just read a poem by Lenelle Moïse about Antoine Dodson and she writes:

antoine, a whole nation calls you viral
but you were the one who named 
the sickness
“they’re raping everybody out here”
i know this to be true

It made me think a lot about how statements are delivered and how seriously we take them. Is it credible? Are they an academic, an expert? Does it really matter?  Its true “they” ARE raping everybody out here. As most of my readers already know, sexual assault is extremely prevalent* and I believe is more prevalent against POCs**.  Its no doubt that what he is saying is true, but how he said it and the fact that he is poor and black made him a butt of many a joke -I don’t think I really need to do more analysis on this one considering it has been covered by numerous blogs and folks that have better race analysis than I.

This thought process brought me to something more connected to my life. It made me think about how my client*** believes that the school & his after school program are trying to poison the food & hurt the kids that eat it. It sounds ‘crazy’ and I  usually try to change the subject because he usually does it when someone across the table from him is eating said food (this might be a good time to mention that he also talks about it being poop as well).  However, I’m not about to lie to him and tell him that the food is great and healthy and he should eat it.  Because at its base level, his claim is basically true (not the poop part). If you look at a Philadelphia school lunch it is complete crap. They use the bottom of the barrel fruit (if there is fruit offered) and everything else is prepackaged and reheated blobs of disgusting. They never serve vegetables besides starches (corn & potatoes) unless you count the tomato sauce on the various meat creations. They push either milk (which is pretty shitty considereing like 95 percent of Asians and like 60 to 80 percent of African Americans are lactose intolerant as adults -i think its slightly lower when they are children^) or juice (which I’m sure is mostly sugar). Point is -we ARE fucking poisoning our kids! But my client is just a crazy ASD kid so we shouldn’t believe anything he says right? Antoine Dodson is just some poor black dude from the projects so clearly he has nothing worthwhile to say either.

I could go on and offer a lot more analysis and examples, but as I mentioned, this was just supposed to be a quick email to a friend, not a blog post!


*In terms of general statistics 1 of 6 U.S. women and 1 of 33 U.S. men has experienced an attempted or completed rape as a child and/or an adult. Other reports claim this number is higher. I could do a whole post about rape statistics, but that is not what this is about.

**I’m writing this in MN and I don’t have access to my books about rape that have credible statistics. I am almost positive however that certain racial groups experience sexual assault at higher rates (especially Native Americans).  I did a little online research that gave various percentages (also, some where given as percent of x group have experienced sexual assault  while others were x percent of all sexual assaults are committed against x group -which makes comparing statistics difficult)

***I work as a TSS for kids along the autism spectrum. This particular client is 9 and has a diagnosis of asperger’s syndrome among other things.

^I don’t remember where I got this or how correct the statistics are -my point is that the percentage of folks that are lactose intolerant is quite high and maybe we should question the power the milk industry has in our schools.